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We are the largest and most professional waste management organisation in Botswana, and are well placed to assist its clients with a variety of waste removal and environmental services.

Skip Truck

Solid Waste Management

Six cubic metre skips are used for the storage of general-purpose waste, prior to collection and disposal. These skips can be filled with any solid waste, including builders’ rubble, metals and other industrial waste. The skips are loaded onto the back of a skip-truck, and transported directly to the landfill for disposal.


Our three cubic metre skips are used for the storage of general soft waste which can be discharged directly into the back of a refuse compactor truck

Clinical Waste Management

Clinical Waste Management

Medical waste collected from our clients in a refrigerated truck is treated using non-burn European technology. The facility disinfects and neutralises the waste so that it is rendered harmless, ensuring that no negative environmental impact is caused. The by-product after treatment, allows the waste to be taken to a general landfill for disposal.


Hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies use Skip Hire’s refrigerated truck to remove and destroy all medical waste in order to protect the environment. We do not incinerate the medical waste. It is processed by a sophisticated “invertor” where a mixture of high-pressure steam and blades reduces the waste (including “sharps” – needles, etc.) to a powder. The resultant residue is completely sanitized and safe for disposal.


Drinking Water

Surface water which is treated and raised to Botswana Bureau of Standards’ drinking quality, is delivered for drinking, filling of swimming pools and irrigation purposes. This service is rendered to various clients who do not have access to piped water from Water Utilities Corporation.


This water is delivered in volumes of 5 000, 8 000, 10 000, 18 000 and 30 000 litres.


Portable Toilets

A variety of portable toilets are available for use in the building and construction industry, as well as for use at outdoor functions.


These toilets range from the basic construction portable toilet, to the VIP trailer-drawn executive toilets for up-market functions.


Liquid Waste Management

Bowsers, carrying 8000 litres at a time, suck up waste liquids, spillages and waste from sewers for safe disposal. It’s a messy business but, somebody has to do it! If your soak-away or sewage tank is full (or overflowing) do not hesitate to contact us. Staff members are trained to unblock drains on-site for a marginal, additional fee.



Advice on general waste management and environmental matters is available from experienced personnel. This would include areas such as implementation of waste management infrastructure and systems, fleet management and control, landfill operation and management.



This is a semi-submerged waste container which is used in high profile areas, where open skips would look too untidy.